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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

The Neolayr Pro website uses its own and other third party cookies.

We will answer some of your frequently asked questions underneath.

What Are Cookies?

Small pieces of information stored by your browser, on your computer’s hard disk, is known as cookies. These saved blocks of information helps Neolayr Pro provide curated services to you, by remembering your latest search records so that your future searches are much faster.

You can delete the cookies from your hard disk, if you feel the need to do so. Usually browsers accept cookies by default but you can alter the settings as per your need.

You can still use the services provided by our website without opting for the cookies. Cookies Manager can help you alter the settings and manage the cookies.

What Are Some Of The Types Of Cookies The Website Uses?

Technical Cookies

The Neolayr Pro website utilises cookies for its own use that are crucial for the website to work properly and this can provide you certain services that we offer through the same. You cannot uninstall these cookies as its deactivation can hamper the functioning of the website’s essential features.

Statistical Cookies

Statistical cookies help us obtain certain information, like:

-How users interact with the website

-How cookies can collect important information anonymously

-How cookies can create trend reports on the website without identifying the particular users

We use certain statistical tools to carry out proceedings which are limited to the functions described previously in the paragraph to calculate the level of recurrence of the visitors and the most interesting content on the website. This is how we can improve the regions which attracts the most visitors and make it easier for users to find what they were looking for.

Advertising Cookies

The advertising spaces on your website are effectively managed with the help of advertising cookies. This is done by third parties who help maintain the advertising spaces and helps it adapt so that it is relevant to the users and avoids those advertisements that have already been displayed. It also limits the number of impacts that every user is directed to.

Some advertising managers can use anonymous cookies to display certain ads that are of interest to you, when you visit other websites.

In either cases, the user can choose whether he/she accepts such cookies as per their needs.

Who Uses The Cookies?

We want to inform you that Neolayr Pro uses its own cookies as well as some from third parties that depends on the type mentioned previously. You can manage the list of transfers as well as the partners with the help of Cookies Manager.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

You can check out this information about the storage periods of different cookies with the help of Cookies Manager.