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What Is Fundamentally Right Skincare?

Choosing the right products

Right Ingredients + Right formulation + Right extensive testing

Sources from the Best, Evidence-Based World-Class Ingredients

Result Oriented, Stable, Safe & Compatible with Skin

120+ tests, In-House Facility For Quality Control

Choosing the right skincare

Right products + Right routines + Right values

Achieve your beauty goals by uncomplicating your routines and choosing effective solutions, all at an affordable price.

Why experiment with your skin?

At Palsons Derma, we understand the importance of trusting your skincare products. That's why we offer scientific evidence-based skincare solutions developed by our in-house expert team you can trust.

Neolayr Pro range of products is the finest world-class skincare possible born from PALSONS DERMA's 30 years+ legacy and passion for Dermatology. Having served dermatologists with result-oriented skincare products for over 3 decades we know your skin and its requirements better than others. Your skin deserves the best love. Trust us as your constant guide in your quest for good skin health.

What is NOT Fundamentally Right SkinCare?

Low-grade ingredients that are not backed up by scientific evidence
Ingredients-heavy formulations without considering the integrity and stability of the finished product
No control over the formulation
Sub-optimum concentration of active ingredients needed for results
Factory to a marketing company to the customer (multiple intermediaries)
No control on manufacturing - Third Party sourcing - insufficient in-house lab-tested products

Choosing The Right Skincare Goals

Look Good Today & Always


Short-term skin goals are like stepping stones to your long-term skin health.

Address specific concerns

Choose our #FundamentallyRight skincare solutions to tackle specific concerns like dryness, acne, sun damage, and more.

Develop a fundamentally right skincare routine







Adapt & Maintain the Fundamentally Right Skincare Routine. Our skin adapts to age, seasons, and even stress. The key to a healthy glow is a flexible routine that evolves with your skin.

Trust us to be your partner in your skincare journey. By adapting your routine, you can keep your skin healthy and radiant for years to come.

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